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Premia started as premium product and is now free, hence the 0 subscription.
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Ready to start selling your WordPress plugins?
Setup Premia and Woocommerce and you’re good to go!

  • Integrates with Woocommerce Subscriptions
  • Delivers the latest release to your customer via Github
  • Use the Plugin Generator to quick start your premium plugin
  • Automatically creates licenses for every purchase
  • Create your own plugin marketplace

Premia runs Premia

We’d show you a demo, but in fact – you’re already viewing a demo of Premia in action. Premia literally sells itself.

Premia connects your webshop to Github. This makes sure the customer always has access to the latest release of your software.

Automated updates in the WordPress Dashboard

Premia adds a REST endpoint that is periodically checked by WordPress, whenever there’s a new release, it’ll show up in the WordPress dashboard, just like any other updates.

When you hit the “Update” button, WordPress fires a request to the website where Premia is running and Premia will automatically return the latest release or retrieve it from Github when necessary.

A direct link from Woocommerce to Github

Premia connects Woocommerce to Github. Whenever your customer needs the latest release, Premia checks with Github (when necessary) and delivers it.

Premia in 2 minutes

The video below shows how Premia works. Beware – it’s a bit quick, but it shows you what you need to see within 2 minutes.


Looking for a more elaborative explanation? Check out the 8-minute video here.

Perfect for agencies

Do you have code that is used on multiple client websites? Tired of manually updating the code? Premia is your solution. Quickly generate a license key for each customer, and you’re 100% sure they’ll receive updates as soon as you publish them!

Turn your code into profit

Premia allows you to easily sell your WordPress plugins directly from your own website. The customer checks out, receives a license key and will receive future updates. The only thing you have to do is push your changes to Github!

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