Running NGINX and the permission issue

Premia might show you a message like below:

Premia detected a permission issue. Make sure your directories are protected and re-check permissions.

When there’s a permission issue, it means anyone can download the latest release (when they have the URL) without having a license. It’s important to solve this as soon as possible. For Apache, we’re protecting all directories with .htaccess files, so Apache users generally don’t have to worry about that.

For NGINX users, it’s a bit more difficult. You will have to change the NGINX config file in order to do the same.

But, we’ve got another solution

Since you don’t actually need to serve files to the public, you can also set the asset directory to a folder outside of your public root (public_html).

We have a neat little filter for that;


You can set any directory that your application has access to, but that’s not publicly accessible on the web.

Use the filter like this:

add_filter('premia_plugin_assets_download_path', 'set_premia_asset_path');

function set_premia_asset_path() {
	return '/home/youruser/yourapp/premia_assets/';
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