Once you’re used to develop in WordPress, you’re not far away from creating your first plugin.. if you haven’t done so already.

Releasing your plugin to the public is not that difficult either. You can host it on Github so that everyone has access to it, or even add your plugin to the WordPress Plugin repository. You’d have to deal with SVN, but luckily we have some great solutions for automatically pushing from Github to SVN as well.

Just hosting on Github doesn’t give you automated updates either, plus you have to instruct your users on how to download the plugin, and let’s be honest: Github is definitely not for everyone.

That’s where Premia comes in

Premia simplifies this process so far that you basically just have to write code, publish it to Github and create a release. That is; After you’ve done some basic steps in website and repository setup.

So how do I create my first plugin?

You’re used to writing code for WordPress, right? Well – The I’d advise you to take a look at the homepage, in which you’ll find a plugin generator. This tool creates the boilerplate for you, which you can extend with the actual functionality. The boilerplate just makes sure that your plugin has all the basic needs for the update and license system.

What’s next?

When your plugin is ready for the public, you’ll push the code to a private Github repository, create access tokens, install Premia on your website, hook up the repo to a product and your ready to sell! License keys will automatically be created and once your customer activates the plugin updates will automatically appear in their dashboards for every new release that you publish on Github!

Happy developing!

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