Quick start your premium WordPress plugin with Premia.

  1. Download and Install Premia on your WordPress website
  2. Setup your private Github repo
  3. Generate a starter template

Generate plugin template

Generate a starter template for your premium plugin. The download contains everything you need to get started.

..or view the Starter Template Github repository

Ready to take WordPress development to the next level?

Premia simplifies Premium WordPress plugin development. The only thing left for you to do is to write code, publish it to Github and create a new release.

Your user will automatically receive the latest updates in their dashboards while existing and new customers will receive the latest version when they click the download button on your website.

Oh, and you need to setup a webshop, create a product and link your private Github repository.

Integrates with Woocommerce

Setup your store, link your products to your Github repository and start selling! The plugin will automatically generate license keys and makes sure the latest version of your code is always available for the customer. In your store as well as via automatic updates in the customers’s WordPress Dashboard!

The only thing you need to do is publish a release in Github.

How does it work?

The 2-minute video aside shows the full process. (it’s sped up)

  1. Generate a plugin starter template in the top of this page.
  2. Install WordPress, Woocommerce and Premia
  3. Setup your Github repository
  4. Generate an API key for Github and add this to the Woocommerce product.
  5. All set! Your customers can now download your plugin and receive the latest updates via their WordPress Dashboards. The only thing you have to do is publish your releases to Github!

The Premia Demo plugin

The Premia Demo plugin is a showcase that exactly shows how this works. A new release is automatically published every 30 minutes. The release is immediately available via the website as well as via your customers WordPress dashboards.

Premia runs Premia

Yes – even Premia runs Premia. We use Premia to sell Premia. It’s a premium plugin after all. On every new release, we push our code to Github, create a new release and.. that’s it! The new release is automatically available to download from within, and update-able from all our customers’ WordPress dashboards!

Convinced yet?


Premia allows you to manage premium plugins without any hassle. As soon as your publish a new release in your Github repository the updates becomes available in both your store as your customer’s WordPress Dashboard. Ready to start selling?

  • Offer free downloads and updates of your plugin directly from Github, but served via your website
  • Integrates with Woocommerce, Woocommerce Subscriptions and all Woocommerce extensions
  • Create licenses for every purchase
  • Manual license creation for any (free or paid) plugin
  • Kickstart your plugin using the plugin generator template found on the Premia homepage
  • Uses the native WordPress update system to show latest updates

Want to see the Premia in action?

You’re seeing it! This website runs Premia to sell Premia!

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